About Parivartan

Parivartan is a culturally specific adaptation in Mumbai, India of the Coaching Boys into Men program to address gender-based violence and gender equity using the sport of cricket to reach men and young boys.Given its formidable presence and popularity in the culture of India, cricket is an institution uniquely placed to influence and shape adolescents’ behaviors and beliefs. Parivartan is a flexible and easily implemented program that leverages this power to combat gender stereotypes and roles, and the use of violence in relationships.

Utilizing a weekly curriculum for cricket coaches, as well as community public education messages, Parivartan believes in the influence of coaches, community leaders, and mentors as role models for young men.  We believe that when young people observe peaceful, gender-equitable men in their lives, they are more likely to embrace these characteristics themselves. Furthermore, we know that when men and boys commit to nonviolent behaviors and attitudes, especially with women and girls, the females in their lives experience an important expansion of safe space and freedom.